Company F Statue Installation

On Wednesday, April 17, 2019 the bronze statue was finally installed in it’s final resting place, atop the sandstone monument. About 40 on-lookers including friends and the family of Bill Menz, Company F veterans’ daughters and members of the community were on hand to witness it being moved from it’s winter home  -the vestibule of the YMCA/former Armory – and onto the monument.

The Village of Medina DPW crew led by Joe Perry and assisted by Ben Lacy and Cody Dix did a superb job of getting the 1400# bronze statue in place. A contractor (anonymously) working nearby donated his time and equipment to make it all happen. He felt honored to be apart of this historic day in honor of our veterans.

John Fuller, Jordan Rath and John Kage had prepped the monument a week prior to the installation by filling the sandstone base with concrete to reinforce it’s structural integrity, drilling and installing the mounting pins as well as installing 5 sandstone benches around the perimeter and digging the hole for the flag pole. The DPW also assisted with digging the holes for the benches and flag pole.

Prior to the statue being installed, Menz’s daughter, Lynne placed a Legacy Card featuring his photograph, a prayer and some of his cremains on top of the sandstone pedestal which then became sealed with the placement of the statue.

There is still some landscaping work to be done, plaque replacement and lighting to be worked out before the dedication is scheduled. (Stay tuned for details.) The committee expresses it’s deepest appreciation to everyone who made this possible. 


Thank you Tom Rivers, Ginny Kropf, Mallory Diefenbach and Mark Gutman for documenting this special event!

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