Directly from the Medina Newspaper

Directly from the Medina paper: With the 7th Army in France. The Germans had them heavily outnumbered, but two depleted squads led by 2nd Lt. Fred C. Struckmeyer, Phoenix, Az., of the 3rd Infantry Division, and parts of another platoon came out with only four of their men wounded and with 22 German prisoners.

At mid-afternoon the Lieutenant and seven men rushed a farmhouse in the middle of a hillside meadow and captured an even dozen Germans.

Simultaneously, a five man squad commanded by Staff Sergeant Wilfred G. Wheatley, Medina, NY, rushed a nearby schoolhouse. Some of the would-be defenders decided to leave but the 3rd Inf. Division men trapped eight, forcing them to surrender. They found that they had taken a command post with plenty of rifles, potatomasher grenades, and rations. SSG Wheatley was an original member of Co. F and left Medina when the unit was federalized on Oct. 1940.

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