Captain Gene Garrett Takes Command of Co. C, 174th Inf

After WW II some members of Co. F rejoined the National Guard unit in Medina. The National Guard being reconstituted in July 1947. On 21 July, 1947 Company C 174th Infantry, under the command of Capt. Keith Fraser, was organized as the first federally recognized unit after WW II. Capt. Fraser, who was Executive Officer of Co. F 108th Inf. during mobilization in 1940, turned over command of the unit to another former Co. F member, Capt. Homer A. Durnell on 1 June 1948, again a former member of Co. F Capt. Eugene Garrett assumed command on 11 Dec. 1948 when Capt. Durnell reentered active federal service.

Capt. Garrett originally enlisted in Co. F, 108th Inf. in Feb. 1936, and was inducted into Federal service as a platoon sargeant in 1940. He was given a direct commission of 2nd Lt. on 6 June 1941, and served with the 108th Inf. until 30 June 1945. During that period he obtained the rank of Captain and until 3 Oct. 1944, commanded Co. L, 108th Inf. through the Philippine Campaign.

During his tenure as Commander of Co. C, 174th Inf., Capt. Garrett attended Infantry Officer Advanced School for 15 weeks at Fort Benning Ga. During his absence, First Lt. Marshall E. Seddon of Lockport became acting Company Commander effective 2 Jan. 1953. First Lt. Seddon enlisted in the Army Air Corp. in Feb. 1943, where he was a bombardier and a navigator.

Some of the promotions made by Capt. Garrett were, Sgt. Walter Levanduski of Medina who enlisted in July 1947, was promoted to sergeant first class in recognition of his outstanding performance as rifle squad leader. Sgt. Jesse G. Weaver of Albion enlisted in Jan. 1949, was promoted to sergeant first class for his ability as section sergeant of the 57 millimeter recoilless rifle section. Cpl. Bernard J. Bloom of Medina enlisted in July 1947, he was promoted to sergeant for his ability as a squad leader for the 57 millimeter recoilless rifle section.

Cpl. Alfred L. Schmitt of Medina was promoted to sergeant in recognition of his skill with the browning automatic rifle as instructor. Pfc. Laurence E. Crawford of Albion enlisted in Dec. 1949, was recognized as a gunner in the 57 millimeter recoilless rifle squad having acquired considerable skill in the handling of this weapon. Pfc. Charles A. Westcott of Middleport enlisted in May 1951 was promoted to corporal. He served in the armed services as a baker and has been promoted to second cook with the company.

Under Capt. Garrett’s leadership future unit commanders were enlisted and started on the road to becoming commissioned officers. Capt. Garrett commanded the unit until 5 Aug. 1954 when he turned over the unit to 1st. Lt. James A. Farley.

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