The Mission of The National Guard of the U.S.

To provide sufficient organizations in each state so trained and equipped as to enable them to function efficiently at existing strength in protection of life and property and preservation of the peace, order and public safety, under competent orders of state authorities.

When activated for Federal duties, to provide a reserve component of the Army of the United States, capable of expansion to war strength, able to furnish units fit for service anywhere in the world and equipped:

a. To defend critical areas of the U.S. against land, sea-born and air-born invasion.

b. To assist in the governing, mobilization and concentration of the remainder of the reserve forces.

c. To participateby units in all types of operations, including the offensive, either in the U.S. or overseas.

The name National Guard first was applied to the Militia August 16, 1824. On that date the 7th New York Regiment assumed the title National Guard in compliment to Lafayette who, at that time, was visiting the United States. By 1896 only three states still retained the word Militia. Shortly thereafter the term National Guard became practically universal.

The years have brought proof of their devotion and patriotism as they responded to the Nation’s call in the Spanish-American War, the Mexican Border Expedition, two World Wars, the Korean Emergency and currently, Afghanistan and Iraq. To this day the National Guard all volunteers continually strives for greater effectiveness to keep step with the ever-increasing complexity of modern warfare.

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