Comments from Bob Waters

I was a draftee and due to age did not get into WW-II action until June 1943, but in reading the profiles of these noble Guardsmen (in this section) I have poignant memories. When out draft contingent left for Fort Niagara in ’43 we were hustled to the City Hall steps where the energetic mayor, George Spears, gave us the “God speed and good luck” speech. And when I arrived at Fort Niagara I was told to get my shoes dirty quickly because anyone who was a new arrival was going to get crap in some form or other…..and with that my Army career began in the usual way.

The fact that a new monument will permanently salute those days and those soldiers of the Forties is a wonderful event and much credit goes to the committee under Bill Menz that is carrying the burden. I know contributions to the cause will be very welcome.

Bob Waters, chairman of Sandstone Society.

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