Pfc. Glenn L. Stewart, Staff Sgt. James Carrel and Pfc. Thomas Garrett

Pfc. Glenn Stewart, 20, was wounded in action on Luzon, 9 February 1945. He was struck on the left side of his nose and the bullet lodged in his left cheek.

The youngest member of Company F 108th Infantry to leave with the contingent in Oct. 1940, Pfc. Stewart passed his sixteenth birthday in August of that year while on maneuvers at Peekskill.

Staff Sergeant James Carrel, also a member of Co. F was seriously wounded in action on Luzon on 9 Feb. Both his legs were in a cast which he would have to keep for a number of months. A machine gunner in his unit, he had not been home for nearly three and one-half years.

One of five sons of Mr. and Mrs. James Garrett, 504 West Center Street, all serving in the Armed Forces was wounded in action on Luzon. He was Pfc. Thomas Garrett who was wounded in the chest. His brother Capt. Eugene Garrett was able to visit him in hospital. Both left Medina in Oct. 1940 with Co. F, 108th Inf.

Other brothers in service were Cpl. Donald Garrett, who was stationed in the South Pacific; Pvt. Richard Garrett in Germany; and Sgt. Robert D. Garrett.

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