The Stamp of Approval

One year and 11 days after commissioning artist Brian Porter, the Company F Monument committee approved the full scale model which will now be moved to the University of Buffalo’s foundry for the mold and casting process. Chairman Bill Menz led a group of skilled craftsmen and committee members to visit Brian’s home studio to inspect the clay model of a pre-WWII soldier that, once cast in bronze, will adorn the top of the sandstone monument at the Medina Armory (currently YMCA) grounds.

Welder John Kage and stone cutter/mason Jordan Rath were recruited by Menz to assist Porter with attaching the finished statue to the existing Medina Sandstone monument.  The installation is expected to be this Fall.

Committee members, including three daughters of Company F Veterans were in attendance to inspect the clay model for approval. This was the first time that Lynne Stewart and Kathy Iorio viewed the larger-than-life rendition and were overwhelmed with emotion at the representation which honors their fathers.

Retired Staff Sargent Jim Freas, also his first viewing, shared his expertise and suggested a change to the hand position that would be more representative of marching protocol during that period in military history.  The committee members in attendance unanimously approved the sculpture with the requested change.

The final “stamp of approval” was placed by Chairman Menz as suggested by Porter. Menz strategically planted his thumb print on the soldier’s knee as a sign of his approval and also to symbolize his initiative, concept and creation of the Company F Memorial.

Stay tuned for the unveiling and dedication of the completed monument this FALL (if all goes according to plan)!

Special thanks to Brian and the Porter Family for allowing us into their home this past year to witness its creation. We are forever grateful!

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