Memorial Day Parade 2016

The Company F Memorial committee participated in Medina’s Memorial Day parade, May 30, 2016 to honor our military heritage, including the “Boys of Company”, and raise awareness of Phase II of the campaign, the bronze statue. The “Moving Memorial” ensemble consisted of an ATV driven by Meghan & Natalie Menz (granddaughters of Committee Chair Bill Menz) with a Fallen Heroes Memorial featuring authentic boots, helmet and inverted rifle. Following the ATV was “human model soldier” and Boy Scout Jack Hill (BSA Troop 35) dressed in pre-WWII attire providing a visual of the youthful Company F soldiers that marched down Main Street to the train station 75 1/2 years ago. (We deviated from the wool uniforms used in October 1940 to the summer uniform – more appropriate for the hot and sunny Spring day.) Following the model soldier was a van driven by Chairman Menz and accompanied by LtCol Richard Glass, the last company commander of the Medina Armory when it was decommissioned in 1977. On the hood of the van was a clay model created by artist Brian Porter – a small-scale replica of the life-sized bronze statue that will one day grace the top of the Company F Memorial at the Medina Armory (current YMCA).  View our slideshow below.

Company F Memorial committee wishes to express their deepest gratitude to:

  • Jack Hill and Boy Scout Troop 35 leadership
  • Craig Lacy and the Medina Historical Society for the uniform and accessories
  • Jim Freas for coordinating the ensemble and Fallen Heroes Memorial
  • Bentley Brothers for the use of the ATV
  • Lynne Menz Designs for the signage and photography
  • Meghan and Natalie Menz for leading the ensemble
  • Visitors & Residents of the Village of Medina for saluting our “Moving Memorial” and encouraging our efforts.
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