The State Guard

Many readers may not be aware of the existence of the New York Guard, not the New York Army National Guard. The NYG was created in June of 1933, in the event of the mobilization of the Army National Guard forces of the State, the present Military Law provides for the State Militia to be activated. On 11 Feb. 1941, after the mobilization of Co. F (15 Oct. 1940), Co L 65th Regiment NYG was organized and mustered into state service under the command of Capt. John B. Bland. This unit was active until the National Guard was again authorized in 1947.

Many members of Co. L entered active service during the war and it continued to be difficult to recruit to fill required slots. Those entering active service into the Army and Navy were Richard Garrett, Homer J. Ward Jr., Daniel Lombardo, Anthony F. Stefaniak, George A. Snell, Cecil W. VanAuker, Robert L. Board, Joseph E. Stork, Harry J. Eden, John D. Compton, Donald E. Bensley, Gordon L. Dillon, Daniel A. Fuller Jr., Francis L. Roshinski, Floyd P. Wolfe, Lloyd R. Cornwell, Louis P. Fortunato, Raymond Bensley, Walter J. Dujenski, Benjamin Watson.

I am sure there were others but these names I found in the local paper.

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